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Concordia University doctoral program volunteering

Concordia University doctoral program volunteering

Joint Program in Communication


Since 2009, I’ve been enrolled as a doctoral student in the Joint Program in Communication at Concordia University. This has provided me with a couple of really interesting volunteer opportunities.

For two years (2009-2011), I was one of two student representatives to the tri-university Comité du programme doctoral conjoint en communication (CODO). This proved to be a fascinating window into the complex negotiations and activities required to operate a bilingual program in three universities.

Some of the participants in the 2010 Colloque


During that time, I was also one of the co-organizers for a student-led Intersections conference for the program (the first one in the history of the program), along with Michelle Aguayo, Mélanie Millette, and Celine Pereira.



Concordia University |  Montreal, QC

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