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Towards creative citizenship (working title): a dissertation research site

Towards creative citizenship (working title): a dissertation research site

This section of the website is a work-in-progress. 


The research reflected in this section of the website is undertaken as part of my  doctoral dissertation. The dissertation research will inform and develop the concept of “creative citizenship” by examining the role of the artist and producer in the production of art- and culture-based media in Canada.

Feel free to check out this research-in-progress, including my field notes. I’d be happy if you choose to comment, link or otherwise participate in this research. If you do choose to participate, please be sure to understand what you’re agreeing to by carefully reading the consent statement I’ve included in this section of my blog.

The work that is conducted on this website becomes a matter of public record as soon as it is placed on the website, even if I later remove it from the website, given the nature of automatic saving that occurs on the world wide web. I ask that your participation demonstrate courtesy and respect, and note that I will moderate comments to this end. The level of personal identification and confidentiality is your prerogative and responsibility, and will be respected to the degree possible in a public forum. For example, you may decide to participate under a pseudonym of your own choice, or under your own name.

Thanks for taking the time to do this with me.

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