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Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in funding, miscellaneous, scholarly

Banting Fellow: Funding Wow

Banting Fellow: Funding Wow

This past spring, I was delighted to find out that I was being awarded a Banting Post-doctoral Fellowship. Though effective August 1st, it’s only been public since the election (big funding announcements can’t be made during election periods).

Since then, York University has already found three ways to mention it to the York community (Sensorium Centre for Arts & Technology, where I’m based, along with the Schulich School of Business; School of Arts, Design, Performance and Media events & news (AMPD), where Sensorium is located; and in YFile – the university newsletter). Wonder if I will ever finish blushing my way around campus.

This is an excerpt from my proposal, repurposed for the AMPD website.

Luka’s Banting research project is titled “From creative citizenship to globally networked cultural collaborations: Imagining culture, identity and creative work today.” It uses the concept of creative citizenship to investigate how civic, culture and business sectors are networked in the digital age, including the intricate ways that governments, universities, corporations and social enterprises connect. The concept of creative citizenship established by Luka’s previous research helps analyze cultural industries and creative labour policy and practices. New approaches to cultural production emerge through knowledge sharing, policy activation and creative practices that address social goals, resource limits and opportunities.

Luka’s research is crucial to help cultural workers shape their careers and lives, for employers to cultivate inspiring work environments both within and outside of the culture sector, and for governments and universities to effectively generate deeper civic, creative and business engagements and commitments – all redefining what it is to be Canadian in a global, digital era.

All of this follows hard on the heels of two other amazing moments of recognition, requiring me to attend Convocation at Concordia for the second time.

Governor General’s Gold Medal – and a profile on the Concordia website, along with several other award winners.

2015 Distinguished Dissertation Award (Arts & Humanities)

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