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Posted by on Feb 20, 2014 in art, media, scholarly

Interview: Ursula Johnson

Interview: Ursula Johnson

In an issue of No More Potlucks, I interview Ursula Johnson about her recent work and working processes. Here’s a sneak peak of some of her ArtSpots media, the remixed interview I did with material concerning Ursula during my dissertation project, and a couple of excerpts from Ursula’s performances. You’ll also find audio clips from the December 2013 interview I did with her. Check out much more about Ursula’s news and work on her own website.

Featured photo: Ursula Johnson and Caroline Gould. Freeze frame from remixed video concerning Ursula Johnson, (c) ME Luka, 2012; some material courtesy of CBC. 


CBC ArtSpots media relating to Ursula Johnson

Courtesy of CBC ArtSpots as part of my dissertation research, and courtesy of the artist; each video takes about 5-10 seconds to load.


Ursula Johnson: Graduation show interview from CBC ArtSpots.

Ursula Johnson: Basketry interview from CBC ArtSpots

Caroline Gould: Basketry interview from CBC ArtSpots


A remixed interview from my dissertation project

Based on the above materials, additional ArtSpots related stills, and interviews and discussion groups held during my doctoral research. Video takes about 15 seconds to load.

Ursula Johnson: Remixed interviews from ME Luka dissertation on CBC ArtSpots, 2012


Video excerpts from performances

Courtesy of and (c) Ursula Johnson and photographers.

Ursula Johnson: Hot Looking excerpt from performance, 2013. Photographer: Angella Parsons.

A critique of No Doubt’s Looking Hot music video (2012). There was a great deal of popular culture coverage of the band pulling the music video after complaints from Aboriginal and other communities.


Ursula Johnson: Ikatk excerpt from performance, 2014. Photographer: ME Luka

A multi-hour sustained performance supporting a political stance of resistance, in solidarity with other artists, individuals, and communities – particularly Mikmaw women.


Audio clips from the December 2013 interview with Ursula Johnson

Make sure to check out NMP for the full interview.

Ursula Johnson: The early influence of theatre

Ursula Johnson: Working with Rita McKeough

Ursula Johnson: It’s like holding fire in your hands

Ursula Johnson: Mind-body connection in performance art

Ursula Johnson: It’s risky work but I’m cautious

Ursula Johnson: Regular critiques with my partner

Ursula Johnson: Some people are uneasy discussing Aboriginal art

Ursula Johnson: Considering my two-spirited nature

Ursula Johnson: Trauma to the land

Ursula Johnson: Who else is a colonized people

Ursula Johnson: I need my elders, I need my community

Ursula Johnson: Participating as a volunteer is a very personal experience

Ursula Johnson: Ketapekiaq Maqamikew (The Land Sings) for Antigonight Festival 2013




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