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Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in art, media, miscellaneous, scholarly, travel

Korsakow at the Brakhage Center, Colorado

Korsakow at the Brakhage Center, Colorado

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had my head down in my work: video & writing. I’m getting ready to visit the Brakhage Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder. My brilliant friend and colleague, Mél Hogan, is doing a post-doc there, and we thought it was about time we spent a few days together thinking through some projects, and – best of all – working on them too. Nothing like making stuff. Websites, videos, non-linear documentaries… the usual…

On Monday, March 14, Mél and I will be working with her class (and other guests) to go through some of the basics of Korsakow, the non-linear documentary software I’m using for my dissertation research. AKA making stuff. Thanks to Matt Soar (you should check out his positively lovely latest k-film) and the rest of the team at Concordia University and elsewhere, we have been well-suppled with images, suggestions, and best practices for teaching it. Later that week, a couple of discussion opportunities are being put together about Korsakow. And on March 16 & 17, I’ll be attending the great Brakhage Center Symposium, with some pretty impressive-looking other guests. Can’t wait. If you’re in the area, come on!

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