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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in miscellaneous, scholarly

Media, Culture and Society

Media, Culture and Society

Chairs outside MSVU libraryI’m working on an experiment in scholarly blogging with the students in the media, culture & society master’s class (GPRL6105) I’m teaching at MSVU this term. We’ve just finished our first section, and the discussion has been lively on the public class blog and rapid & deep on the password-protected Moodle forums. (If you don’t already know Moodle, you probably don’t need to.)

Check out what they’ve been surfacing as key questions and comments. In this first section of the course, we have formally dealt with the meaning of culture, the idea of publics, and some of the implications of living in a mediated society. The spectrum of work underway is quite broad already From podcamps through friendraising & fundraising to considerations of broadcasting audiences, these enquiries are already bearing fruit. Big questions are coming up about contradictory meanings of culture, the depth and breadth of media convergence, the intersection of art and broadcasting, and the role of technology. Our imagined societies and the potential for open-source coverage provide food for thought as we navigate our way into future enquiries. As forcats and blogs, you’ll have to check that out yourself. Mee-ow.

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