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Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in art, creative industry, miscellaneous, scholarly, travel

oh I’m involved all right – and I like it

oh I’m involved all right – and I like it

January 2012 – Toronto

Every now and then, it occurs to me that I’m over-committed: that I’ve taken on too much and haven’t set aside enough time to play. And then I realize that all that taking-on is also a form of rejuvenation. Right now, for example, I’m actively involved in:

  • conducting interviews for my creative citizenship doctoral research project
  • NSCAD Alumni Association, including the recent consultations over NSCAD’s future, and the launch of the 125th anniversary celebrations next month
  • creative writing courses with Gwen Davies and Jeffrey Davis (both so brilliant and kind)
  • reworking and executing the Strategic Arts Management¬†communications strategy

    January 2012: whirligig

    January 2012 – Halifax whirligig

  • participating on a jury for creative and business awards in film and television
  • updating my research on crowdfunding, particularly media production at Kickstarter and Indie-go-go
  • working on my own personal vision and mission, and updating my three-year plan
  • uploading photos to instagram and facebook: my commitment to an almost daily visual practise
  • taking care of my partner, just out of minor surgery
  • love

    January 2012 – Halifax trees

  • undertaking an analysis of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council’s literature review of the potential offered by creative economy in NS, with NSCAN colleagues
  • actively listening to a friend deeply involved in a destructive tenure process
  • considering next steps in strategic research and development at consulting clients Halifax Dance and the Canadian Dance Assembly

It is hard to find the words to describe how marvelous it is to constantly rediscover that this is how I best thrive. With so many balls constantly being juggled, I’m happy, challenged, frustrated, inventive, curious and intrigued.

January 2012 – Halifax rain

The key is that these discrete activities have to somehow relate one to another: one area of discord will make me drop too much of everything I’m juggling. The relationships between activities and my life’s purpose can usually be found through their connection to creativity, collaboration, teaching and talent development, and most desirable of all, some expression or articulation of a visual element. This is my idea of a good time. Most of the time.



In the last couple of weeks, then, I’ve happily been to Ontario and Quebec in order to:

February 2012 – Hamilton bread bar

  • Visit an artist friend’s new studio in Hamilton
  • Teach a class on cultural production in an undergraduate Media & Gender course at Concordia University
  • Spend time with family, as we grieve the loss of my father on January 15, bearing a poem written by my sweetheart
  • Celebrate the completion of an article with a colleague and friend about the relationship of archives to the internet, arts media production and Canadian artists
  • Go to a couple of stage shows in Toronto (one quite brilliant: A Brimful of Asha)
  • Attend a talk at McMaster University by Angela McRobbie: Be Creative – Making a Living in Urban Culture Industries¬†

    Traveling to Montreal

    February 2012 – enroute to Montreal

  • Meet with colleagues and friends to discuss research, the status of teaching and cultural talent development in Canada – and books
  • Get a chipped tooth fixed, have my hair cut, and follow up treatments with my fantastic massage therapist by actually engaging in my yoga practise
  • Port my website/blog to a new server and start rethinking its structure, navigation and content

February 2012 – Union station ceiling


Seems like enough for now.

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