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Posted by on Aug 3, 2011 in art, funding, miscellaneous



Viana do Castelo - fog

Viana do Castelo – the fog settles over the sea, the river, the town and the basilica

It’s been a busy few weeks. Just got back from Portugal, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal.

Some days were a little foggier than others.

International Digital Transformation School was great. Thanks, particularly to the organizers from University of Texas-Austin, and University of Porto.

Guimaraes town square

Lots of amazing research, speakers, good food, conversation, ideas, walking, views. So wonderful to have a whole new network of interesting friends and colleagues, from Portugal of course, Columbia to Texas to the U.K., Morrocco to Egypt to India, and Vancouver to home, sweet, homes.

My favourite topics? Often related to the presentations and the presenters themselves. And there is something good to say about each and every one of them. If you’re interested in the presentations, you could check out the rapporteur notes here.

Having been ably transformed by discussions on digital futures, I made my way back to Halifax.

Green skies

Here, the fickle nature of weather in the summer was ably demonstrated just in the last couple of days.

Yellow skies

Yellow skies

A fabulous electrical and thunder storm. Loads of rain. A ton of lightning and rolling clouds in yellow and green skies. Early hail and then more rain, rain, rain.

 Besides working on my thesis proposal, and unpacking file boxes full of articles and research, I’ve been preparing for the next strategic planning session with the Canada Dance Festival. An amazing board, already making things transform for the Festival. It’s a privilege and a delight to be working with them.

And finally, my biggest transformation secret of the last several weeks is out. Today, the Prime Minister announced the 2011 recipients of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships – all 167 of us.

Opening the Vanier letter

Yup. I’m officially a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar. And thrilled to pieces about it.

It’s a huge honour, enabling me to conduct my research full-time and seek out other researchers and promising game-changers. Transformative. For me.

Quite a time for me. Reminds me how incredibly grateful I am for those who support and those who challenge, especially those who so capably do both.

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